Why I Chose Minimalism

I went to Ireland in March. I didn't really save for it, but instead put most of the expenses on my credit card. I do not regret the trip in the least, but I do regret my lack of planning. While there, my friend and travel companion made a small comment in passing. "Do you really need to take two suitcases into the hotel room for one night?" The question was rhetorical, of course, but somehow it stuck with me. I had for some reason imagined myself on this trip as another person. Not myself, but as someone who does her hair daily and wears a full face of makeup. Neither of those actions characterize me, so why did I feel the need to have all this stuff? The question bothered me in a good way. It got me thinking about how I live my life, and more importantly, why I live the way I do.

Now, I have always been a compulsive shopper. I love shopping on a Saturday and I love going to the mall. I love trying on clothes and experimenting with makeup. Except... I don't like thos…
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